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Preventing Carbohydrate Overload On A Plant-Based Diet

Walk into any supermarket, and the sheer amount of plant-based products is overwhelming: nutrition bars, juice, bread, chips, crackers, cereal, and other grain-based products. All of these foods technically fit into a plant-based diet. And while they are admittedly convenient and delicious, they not always filling, making it easy to consume too many carbohydrates.

Take for instance the average brand of granola. It can contain up to 40 grams of carbohydrates in only a half cup! Now imagine you eat a whole bowl of granola. It is entirely possible to consume over 100 grams of carbohydrate in just one meal. That’s enough carbohydrate to fill your liver completely full of glycogen. A few more snacks and meals like that throughout the day could fill your muscle glycogen in addition to liver glycogen, leaving nowhere for additional carbs to go except fat cells.

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