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7 practical tips for surviving the Whole 30 diet

Red peppers. They’re crunchy and flavorful. Red peppers became my go-to when I was reaching for something raw to snack on at work.

Prosciutto. Many processed meats have small or large amounts of sugar in them, meaning a simple, protein-rich snack of deli turkey won’t work. Check the label at the grocery store deli counter, both for the word “sugar” but also for more mysterious words that mean essentially the same thing, like xylitol, sucrose, stevia, agave, honey and more. Many types of prosciutto (Italian dry-cured ham) do not have added sugar and are salty and satisfying. Buy some and make yourself a charcuterie board or roll it into little pinwheels for when you need a protein boost.

Salt. Salt makes food taste better. You know this. But did you know there’s more to salt than the navy-blue Morton’s box? Go to a specialty grocery store like Central Market or Whole Foods and check out the bulk salt section. Buy a few kinds of fancy salt, and maybe even buy one of those wooden salt cellars that’ll make you feel like a chef when you cook. You’re allowed to salt your food on Whole 30, and it truly makes everything taste better.

7. When in doubt, the answer is ‘no.’ 

Picture this: Your co-workers are huddled around a big plate of cookies, chatting. You aren’t hungry, but what do you do? You grab a cookie. 

Imagine if no part of you ever intended to grab one. Not even for a second. That’s the “no” of Whole 30. The answer to almost anything you didn’t cook in your own kitchen with real fruits, veggies or meats, is “no.” So don’t fight with yourself. Just grab the slices of red pepper on your desk and go eat and chat with your co-workers. You don’t need the cookie.

To learn more 

The Whole 30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig. $21.49 on Amazon; available at major booksellers. Whole 30 is now so popular that the authors have released several books, including cookbooks and day-by-day guides. Buying a single book will teach you plenty about the program. Follow #whole30 on Instagram for recipe inspiration; there’s a community of people there to cheer you on. The website is whole30.com.

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